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Harmony Grove / Okee Joint Sewerage Commission

The Harmony Grove / Okee Joint Sewerage Commission is composed of both the Harmony Grove Sanitary District Board and the Okee Sanitary District Board. This commission primary function is the care and maintenance of the shared sewer plant.

The Joint Commission usually meets the 4th Wednesday of every month. A current Agenda can be found by clicking on the link to the right of this page.

*Currently the Joint Commission is having issues with Chlorides at the Plant-please take a miniute to check out the information in the Chloride tab in your District to help save costs for all of us.  


Office hours are from 9am-3pm Monday - Friday.

Office Location:
W10901 Lake Point Dr.
Lodi WI. 53555



Email: hgokee@harmonygrove-okee.com
10-28-20 Joint Agenda